"In the space of a few minutes, Robinson makes a strong musical statement and is able to take his listeners on musical excursions that are sometimes somber, sometimes slightly whimsical, but always intriguing." San Diego Troubadour

Welcome to my new and improved website, still a work in progress but you know what that's like!

On the horizon--HYMN FOR HER, my new mostly acoustic album featuring drummer Hernan Hecht and bassist Benjamin Garcia, recorded in Mexico City. Iraida Noriega will also be featured on my arrangement of RAIN. I'm in love with this new music.

A big shout out to Cookie Marenco and the folks at bluecoastmusic.com. We put together two 'best of' compilations (DYNAMIC and RANGE) available for download in WAV, FLAC and DSD format. And they've ALSO got the cool Latin Jazz album I recorded in San Miguel de Allende with Media Noche (Victor Monterrubio, Mario Torres and Ruben Olvera with special guests Iraida Noriega, Terry Townson, David Scott and Pedro Cartas) called BESOS OCULTOS. It's a gas!  

I am way too sluggish in my updates, but let me assure you--life is moving forward and the music is in the driver's seat!

For those that don't know, in June of 2016 I lost one of my best fiends and Mexico lost it's finest jazz guitarist: Ken Basman passed away. Ken and I had been working on a duo CD featuring our telepathic improvised duets and even though we hadn't completed it, we had several great tracks done. I scoured my archives of our live gigs and found some wonderful--if sonically unpolished--examples of us at our best. The CD is called DUOTUNES and it's for sale at cdbaby.com and it's splendid. Many thanks to JAZZIZ Magazine for recognizing how special it is and featuring it on their 'summer jazz discoveries' sampler CD.

And in fact I'm very happy to announce that the San Diego Troubadour, gave DUOTUNES a rave review. Check it out--I couldn't be prouder. https://sandiegotroubadour.com/2018/04/doug-robinson-ken-basman-duotunes/

More coming!