A couple of recent reviews…thanks to the authors and their editors for the kind words!

DUOTUNES from the San Diego Troubadour:

One from The San Diego Troubador for Solo/Piano:

One from JAZZIZ Magazine, again for Solo/Piano:

And a brand new one for "Forest Movement 6.5" from LOVE ALL WAYS in Recording Magazine:

I've decided to share a couple of sneak preview tracks from the upcoming CD "DUOTUNES" featuring the late Ken Basman and myself. This is truly some of the most special music I've ever made and I hope you'll enjoy it. We would sit down and often without even discussing the key, start to play a tune off the tops of our heads and it would come out sounding as if we'd labored over an arrangement! Telepathy ruled the day. I will miss him for the rest of my days, but I'm fortunate to have known him and shared stages and studios for the last 12 years.  Scroll down below my discography to hear the tracks!

Doug's Discography



1987 TRAVELING MUSIC (Cassette Only)

1991 TALKING TO DOGS by Gilbert and Robinson (featuring Bruce Gilbert and Glenda Robinson)

1994 ART CAN'T HURT YOU featuring Hollis Gentry lll, Carl Evans Jr, Bruce Gilbert, Byron Hori and Glenda Robinson

1996 SPINNER by Michelle Abby and Jazzooo (producer/arranger)

1996 ANDY ROBINSON BAND (producer)

1997 PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS featuring John Patitucci, Ben Perowsky, Mike Stern, George Young, Rob Mounsey, Dave Carpenter, Scott Amendola and Frank Rehak; recorded by Josiah Gluck

1999 SITJAZZDOWN featuring Dave Carpenter, Peter Erskine, Kevin Hennessy, Mike Miller, Duncan Moore, Bob Sheppard, and Peter Sprague 

2000 JAZZIZ HOLIDAY ALBUM/JAZZ FOR A WINTER'S EVE featuring Dave Carpenter, Peter Erskine, Steve Laury, Mike Miller, Glenda Robinson and Bob Sheppard; recorded by Rich Breen

2000 LOST LAKE (Original Score for film by Adams Entertainment)

2001 LET FREEDOM SWING featuring Dave Carpenter, Peter Erskine, Wayne Johnson, Mitch Manker, Duncan Moore, Glenda Robinson, David Scott, Tripp Sprague, Peter Sprague, Paul Sundfor

2004 TWO DAYS IN NOVEMBER by JAZZOOO featuring Duncan Moore and Ken Dow, with Tripp Sprague and Glenda Robinson

2005 JAZZOOO LIVE AT DIZZY'S! (unreleased; featuring Ken Dow, Duncan Moore and Tripp Sprague; recorded live by Hiro)

2005 MIDLIFE CHRYSALIS featuring Glenda Robinson and Tripp Sprague

2006 YES WORLD by Michelle Abby (producer/arranger)

2006 EXOTIC AMERICA by Andy Robinson (producer)

2007 A FOREST OF AMERICAS co-composed by Tim Hazell and Doug Robinson, featuring Maureen Conlon Gutierrez, Roli Fernandez, Hopalong Chagoyan, Gonzalo Gomez Martinez, Victor Monterrubio and Ken Basman; recorded live by Tom Grant

2011 RHYTHM OF A NATION by Whitney Leigh Moore (producer/arranger)

2011 ANIMALS (DVD featuring the art of Juan Ezcurdia and the music of DR)

2012 LOVE ALL WAYS featuring Ken Basman, Bobby Kapp, Keli Marks, Duncan Moore, Whitney Moore, Andy Robinson, Glenda Robinson, Tripp Sprague

2013 SOLO/PIANO featuring Ken Basman; recorded by Ken Basman

2016: DUOTUNES by Ken Basman and Doug Robinson