Life Below the Border

In 2004, I moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Though I'd always fantasized about living outside of the U.S., Mexico wasn't really on my radar until I got word that my friend Mayer Shacter was building a dream house in this thriving but protected Colonial town, 6000' above sea level right in the center of the country.

I didn't realize that San Miguel was on its way to being voted Top City in Conde Nast Magazine (2013). But I always knew there was a magic in the air, a fascinating blend of cultures, a scene that overflowed with talented artists, authors and musicians. I've managed to squeeze a lifetime of fun and adventure out of my 12 years here.

In February of 2016, I married the love of my new life, Denise Rosenfeld…at Mayer's house! In fact, his wife Susan Page performed the ceremony. I'll be uploading photos of that glorious day. 

Recently Denise and I became agents for CDR/Christies International Real Estate. It isn't that we just had too much time on our hands--Denise in her capacity of artisanal pasty chef is the newest star of TOSMA, the weekly organic market of San Miguel; I'm pretty busy with gigs and studio work. But we both love living here and the opportunity to hook up with this excellent company seemed too perfect to pass up. Now we get to help old and new friends find the next step in their own adventures.

Soon I'll post some photos of our adventures, including great gigs with Iraida Noriega, Ken Basman, Ken Bichel, and more.
And this little thing about getting older, which is actually a tribute to Jimmy Carter and Peter O'Toole. There is a big ol' curse word at one point, but it passes quickly...
Here's the Doug Robinson Trio (Roberto Falcón on bass, Jesús Estrada on drums) with saxophonist Diego Maroto and trumpeter Alán Fajardo, a bit of inspired jamming on Play The Funky Music White Boy at Cent'anni earlier this year (Part one soloists: Diego and Roberto. Part two soloists: Alán, Doug and Jesús).